It never has been easier to plan a holiday. Now we can get information about a tour or a hotel from people who actually experienced it rather than be deceived by often inflated description from the provider. Tripadvisor, for example, proved to be a handy tool not only for the reviews but also for the booking the tours or hotels that people are reviewing. However, there are few other similar places through which you can plan your journey, in this case to Barcelona.

1. Tripadvisor

When booking from tripadvisor reviews are at hand so you know what to expect. Probably the best place to plan your whole journey.

2. Viator 

Catching up with Tripadvisor, Viator is a great place to research and book your experiences all over the world. Choose the country, choose the city and enjoy what it has to offer.

3. Get Your Guide

Things to do all over the world. A brother of Viator. Just choose which ever you feel more comfortable to navigate.

4. BCN Travel

A local provider that offers the best of Barcelona, including accommodation, tours and transport.

5. Totally Spain

A travel agent that will help you to discover the best of Spain. A trusted service provider with years of experience, easy to find, easy to book.

Book your Castlexperience wine tour with either of these booking agents and embrace the cukture of Catalonia through its food and wine.