There is something about wine; it is not like this with any other alcoholic beverage. When we think about wine we don’t think about alcohol, we think about good taste, history, traditions, countries, climate, beautiful scenery, good food. Generally speaking, we fall in love with wine, not just the taste, but what comes with it.

More than ever now is growing popularity of enotourism- a travel around appreciation of wine and food of the country or a region. This involves tasting, consumption or purchase of wine from the source. It may consist just from the wine tasting or visits to the wineries, vineyards, walks, or a combination of these three. It is a relatively new form of travelling.

Even if you are not a big wine drinker, you will be surprised how much is there to learn about the process of production, how incredibly delicate and unpredictable it is. It is the process of art and science, where the only thing a winemaker can rely on is his/hers ability to listen and understand the nature, and be able to work with what it gives every year.

Some of the tastings often involve local food to give travelers a full taste of the region. Once you learn different steps of production and how much work it involves, your appreciation of wine is growing. The understanding of wine makes you want to know more, to be part of this lengthy process.

What is the most important thing to remember, to whichever wine tasting tour you go, is the prime purpose of wine, which is- to enjoy it!