Barcelona is an amazing city full of beautiful sights to see and to visit. However, once you are in Barcelona you have a great opportunity to see something else… There are few places that, although, not in the city, are tightly bound to Barcelona, that will enrich your holiday.

1 Montserrat

Montserrat, which means, a serrated mountain, is the most important place for all Catalans in terms of religion, traditions, history, language, nature and identity of this small nation. Not visiting Montserrat means never fully embracing this small but proud culture of Spain. And if, you are still not convinced, you have to go just for the views that you can see from the natural balcony that is the mountain itself.

2 Dali Museum

Alongside Gaudi, a great painter Salvador Dali is the most known Catalan to the world. A trip of only 2 hours from Barcelona to Figueres will take you to the surrealistic world of Dali, a museum that he built for himself; an experience of ultimate imagination and creativity.

3 Cadaques

After visiting Dali museum, you will want to know about this strange character, and you can, by going to the beautiful fishing village where he spent most of his life, you will be able to find his most famous works in the cliffs of Cadaques. It is a picturesque little town on the seacoast with white charming houses and cozy atmosphere. Also, often referred to as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

4 Sitges

A short, 25 minutes ride from Barcelona will take you to Sitges. A charming little town with long sandy beach will give you sometimes much needed tranquility from always vibrant Barcelona. Don´t be deceived by its size, it is home to quite a few interesting festivals.