We love wine. We love what it represents and we love how it makes us feel. However, what we get is the end result; there are a lot of steps before we can enjoy the final product. But who stands behind all these stages of production, who is the brain behind our favorite drink?

If you want to be involved in the wine production, there are few professions you can choose from:


Sommelier- is the most famous wine profession. A sommelier is a specialist in charge of choosing and developing the wine list for the restaurants and other places/events, educating the staff about wine, its flavors, vintage and value, sommelier also is responsible for assisting customers, clients, private collector, all the interested parties with their selections.


Oenologist- a wine scientist or a wine chemist. Usually a winemaker hires oenologist as a consultant, however, very often a winemaker chooses to be trained as one.

Winemaker- a person who makes wine. The responsible of the whole process, a person who decides the philosophy of his wine and what end result he wants to be like. Often winemakers hire oenologists, sommeliers and other wine consultants, however, most of the time they make all the final decisions.

Viticulturist- a person responsible for the vines, soil, pruning, pest control and irrigation. A very important role of winemaking, which defines a big part of the final wine taste.

Neogociant or a merchant- a person who purchases the wines from the smaller wineries to sell them under their own names.