Now more than ever doctors confirm that apart from enjoying wine we also get some health benefits from it. In fact, generally very low alcohol consumption reduces a chance of heart diseases. Good news as daily consumption of red wine has been integrated in many cultures, especially European.

The reason for further research into the health benefits of the red wines caused the French paradox. French cuisine is well known to be delicious but also high in saturated fats, as well as smoking tendencies within the country are incredibly high, yet French suffer considerably less from the heart diseases compared to the other countries with similar profile.

Red wine is full of various nutrients and antioxidants such as resveratrol, quercetin and polyphenols that contribute to longevity, lower risks of heart attack and stroke, as well as reduce risk of colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.

It is generally believed, that a very small consumption of any alcohol has a good effect on the heart, ethanol alcohol does act as a relaxant and vasodilator to reduce cardio stress. If it is a good vintage wine, made with traditional techniques and drunk in moderation it really does serve as a medical tonic that can contribute to our health. A glass or two of good wine with food gives us extra vitamins, minerals, digestive factors, and also important, enhances the enjoyment of culinary experience.
Source: by Frank Cooper, 2008/ by PureHealthMD