Wine is a drink that is consumed around the world in different forms and for different occasions. Probably one of the most important such occasions is Christmas. Apart from common wine that is the star drink of the celebrations, there are various types of wines that are spiced up by festive Christmas flavors.

Mulled wine is a pleasant sign of approaching Christmas that warms up not only our body but also our hearts with anticipation of holidays. The origin of this aromatic drink is simple: people tried to make bad undrinkable wine to taste better by adding spices or honey, with the passing of time it became a tradition. In each country it has its own name with its special distinction, for example, one of the main varieties of mulled wine is glögg which is typical to Nordic countries, where this wine is accompanied with ginger biscuits. In the German speaking countries mulled wine is called "Glühwein", a heated red wine spiced with vanilla pods, sugar, cloves and cinnamon sticks. French call it vin chaud.

And of course, we can´t imagine Winter Celebrations without sparkling wine or champagne in France, cava in Spain and prossecco in Italy. This drink is widely used for celebrating a special occasion apart from just enjoying this beautiful sparkling drink. And what is a bigger celebration for the millions of people in the world than everyone’s favorite Crimbo.

Christmas time is a time of family traditions, celebrations, gifts, food and drink. There are as many traditions as there are families that celebrate Christmas, however, of course there are thing we cannot imagine our Christmas without.

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