Though the purpose of holidays is to get time off work, change surroundings and relax, very often the planning defeats the purpose becoming too stressful. The bigger the choice the harder is to make the decisions. We start to desire something less crowded, not so “touristy”, something authentic and special. And, we believe, we have something like this to offer… The most important part of this wine tour is a journey to a very special place called Oller del Mas. It is not just a medieval castle that begun its voyage in 10th century, it is a history of nights, nobleman and traditions. The history of the lineage of the Oller is led by men and women who fought in conquests and true to their ideals, left their mark on the historical memory of Catalunya. On the walls of the castle we can find gazing eyes of Joan, Bernat, Arnau, Jerome, James, Bonifaci, who also kept and preserved these beautiful lands for so many generations, now serve as immortalized memory of nobility and traditions.


And now the family of this generation begins their own traditions of winemaking. The stretching valleys of the vineyards with the dramatic view on Montserrat, create an authentic, almost spiritual experience. You can learn about traditional and honest ways of winemaking, followed by tasting, where with each sip you taste nobility, history and aromas of the region. This is a chance to experience the best of Catalunya, in a private property where you will never hear the crowing crowds of the tourists but beautiful sounds of nature and tranquility.