Very often people prepare before going on holiday. They do a little research about the place they are about to visit, pre-book hotels, flights and various tours or attractions. However, if you are a spontaneous traveller and prefer to plan your holiday on the spot, maybe this guide will be a little helpful.

When first arriving to Barcelona it can be very overwhelming for many- too much to do, too much to see, not enough time- is the main thought. Here are few ideas that can help you:

First of all, on arrival to your hotel ask for the map of the city if you yet do not have one. Ask the receptionist for the main attractions and the easiest way to get there. Often they recommend various tours, that pay hotels comission on sale. If the reception of the hotel is not very responsive, look around, you can find some stands with the flyers and leaflets. Usually hotels ring for you, if you don´t have a local phone number or language skills; sometimes you can even pay in the hotel for the tours, but make sure to ask for receipt or some other form of booking confirmation.

Another option is official Barcelona Turisme office, you can either book online or walk in directly to the office, where they will suggest you some good tours upon your request. Similar thing is Tourist Information points, which function in the same way.

Ticket Bureau is a very easy way to find out about the main highlights of Barcelona. You can just ask for a flyer or pay directly to Ticket Bureau to avoid the hustle. The tours they offer vary from very big and famous ones to niche small group tours. 

And, of course, such websites as TripAdvisor, Viator and GetYourGuide are great places to find what to do in Barcelona. In such places you can find both, offers from bigger tour companies to just individual guides or simply local people, who will show you the gems of the city, outside the tourist square.

Make sure you try to experience the culture of Barcelona through its gastronomy. There are a lot of different food and wine city tours you can research, Enjoy Barcelona!