With the modern technology and growing consumerism we are now able to produce a lot at little cost. A little cost for the producers, yet often at a high price for the rest: underpaid labor, pollution and health of the consumer. And now, after it became a big problem some of us growing more conscious by choosing alternative ways and products often at a higher price and less convenience; and the wine industry is not an exception.

Ecological wines are those made with minimum intervention- no chemicals and pesticides in the vineyards, and minimum of additive like sulphur. These kinds of wines are often treated with biodynamic preparations. They are also often unfiltered or go through minimum only natural filtrations so most have a lot of sediment and cloudy appearance.

However, there has to be added a low amounts of sulphur during the production stages, because those totally free of sulphur can be funky, so just enough to stabilize them especially if they are exported at some distance.

Naturally, organic wines will sell at the premium prices because its production requires more very detailed work. Admittedly, nowadays there is also a little bit of trend involved into it, which affects the price.

But you can imagine that ecological wines have better purity and expression of flavors, as well as they are increasingly better for your health and environment.

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