People are often bound to where they live not by choice but by the circumstances. Either it is a family bond, financial restrictions or simply no opportunity to break free from whichever the circumstances are. However, often the biggest restriction is one´s own fear of the change.

But if you were to overcome your personal restrictions and move to the city of your dream, which city would that be?

Let us suggest you: Barcelona is a city where a lot of people are living a dream. Either your dream is a career in a big metropolitan city or bohemian lifestyle within the dreamy narrow streets and cozy little plazas. That is the beauty of Barcelona; it combines a versatile diversity of backgrounds. It offers something to everyone. The famous architecture, the beautiful summer skyline by the beach, vibrant nightlife and perfect weather; Barcelona has so much to offer. A lot of things to see in the city, and a lot of things to do outside the city.

Once you get a little tired of all the city buzz, you can always retreat to the Pyrenees, book a tour to a picturesque local winery or cleanse your soul on the holy mountain of Motserrat. 

The opportunities are endless. Barcelona and everything that is associated with it, is living a dream city.