When you finally decide to visit Barcelona there are some essential things that you need to know about this amazing city:

1 It Is The City Of Architecture and Art

Most of the visitors of Barcelona travel here to see work of internationally most recognized architect Antoni Gaudi: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, park Guell. And it is a worthy reason, however there are many more old and modern architecture to see, a number of UNESCO sites, contemporary exhibitions, performances and hip places to hang out.

2 Catalans are Not Spanish

You sure heard of Catalonia a region of Spain where Barcelona is a capital and where people have their own identity, language (Catalan), culture and traditions, that is different from other regions of Spain. They are Spanish, but they also are not. It is a complicated issue, where you will find different opinions, yet the majority will passionately argue that they different and they have to be an independent EU state. A bonus; coming to one country you end up being in, kind of, two. Get to know both.

3 There Are a Lot Of Things To Do Outside Barcelona

When you come to Barcelona you may feel a little overwhelmed by its vibrant, non-stop buzzing atmosphere. You need a lot of days to fully enjoy this city, but make sure you save some time for outdoors away from the city buzz. Take a tour to the monastery of Montserratand then on your way back pop in to one of the beautiful wineries. …mmmm… winery tour, what can be more pleasant on a dreamy afternoon...

4 Barcelona Is The City That Never Sleeps

I guess, it is a good or a bad thing, depending on people and their age. For some, Barcelona is a dream city where anything can happen at any time of the day and night. However, if you are an elderly couple for example, we suggest you to choose where you stay carefully, isolated from the city noise.

5 It Is Smaller Than You Think It Is

Barcelona has around 1.6 million people, which is relatively big or small, depending on which city you come from. But its convenient planning makes it walkable; do not be put off by the extensive map, you can actually walk all the way from Park Guell to the Beach.

6 Keep Away From La Rambla and Plaza Catalonia For Your Gastronomical Adventures

La Rambla the most famous street of Barcelona, yet probably, the worst one on many occasions. Popular among tourists, the street is completely avoided by the locals; overpriced, badly cooked food and pick pockets. If you not in a mood to search far, at least walk a bit off La Rambla and Plaza Catalonia and you already will find something better. We advise to dig deeper in.

7 It Is Good To Get a Little Lost In Barcelona

Old Town is a beautiful labyrinth of narrow gothic streets, don’t be scared to get lost, which you definitely will. Hide your map and freely enjoy a walk, you never know, you may find something very unexpected and interesting.